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The Nee Soon community runs myriad programmes to build up community spirit and help the needy. Here are some of the newer ones.


Chong Pang

The Chong Pang community, led by Minister K Shanmugam, started the Nee Soon Football and Study Programme. It provides weekly mentorship, tuition and football training to needy young residents. Started with the support of Fandi Ahmad and other local football legends, the programme has touched the lives of many young residents in the past three years.

The Football and Study programme is very popular with children from lower-income families. 


With the help of the Law Society, Chong Pang also organises a free legal clinic on the second and third Tuesdays of every month to provide some basic pro-bono legal advice. To support a national push towards emergency preparedness, Chong Pang also started monthly free first-aid and CPR+AED courses for residents.

Chong Pang helps needy residents in myriad ways, the newest of which is Food from the Heart, a weekly food distribution to needy residents started in Oct 2016.


Nee Soon Central

While taking care of all residents, Nee Soon Central community volunteers, led by Assoc Prof Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, has reached out to many Malay residents throughout the GRC.

Under Jumpa Mesra, community leaders, including Malays and those from other races, visit Malay households and organise gatherings for them. This way, Malay residents and community leaders get to know each other better.  

Malay residents are also invited to intimate dialogues in Malay with Assoc Prof Faishal in the Sembang Bersama Prof Faishal programme.


Intimate Sembang Bersama dialogue with Assoc Prof Faishal.


Nee Soon South

Nee Soon South constituency is known for its monthly litter-picking programmes. Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah recounts, “When I wanted to start this, no-one else in Singapore was doing it. People told me, ‘You’re crazy! What if the residents don’t turn up? You’ll be picking litter alone!’”

Nee Soon South residents shared her passion for cleanliness and the environment. Five years on, the litter-picking activities are still going strong. Every month, they add a new element to improve the environment like dog poo bag stations, water saving contests, designated smoking points, and so on. Nee Soon South has completed nearly 50 Designated Smoking Points, the only constituency in Singapore to do so.

To help needy residents, Nee Soon South gives out transport subsidies and tuition subsidies. Nee Soon South has just started a community fridge at Blk 508B. Residents gladly put groceries in there to share with other residents, including those in rental flats.

Dr Lee Bee Wah picking litter together with her residents.


Kebun Baru

Kebun Baru constituency, under MP Kwek Hian Chuan Henry, has pioneered a new approach to social work.

Rather than piecemeal help, they started Kebun Baru Cares, a ten-month-long intensive mentoring programme for low-income young families. They helped the families plan their finances and nutrition better, arrange quality childcare and tuition for their children, and find more sources of income. Many Kebun Baru Cares “graduates” have stabilised their lives and even become mentors to other needy families.

To reduce duplication and maximise impact, the Kebun Baru volunteers pair up with charities to give meals, household items and even health check-ups to needy residents. Kebun Baru has also started a free legal clinic.

MP Kwek Hian Chuan Henry with a resident. 

Kebun Baru puts social work at the centre of its volunteer network. With this new approach, they have attracted many new volunteers with a heart for service. All new volunteers go on a “tour” around Kebun Baru with MP Kwek, so they understand the constituency better. Some volunteers are also building The Hope Collective, a platform where volunteers can take charge of their changemaking journey and connect with other changemakers.

Kebun Baru also seeks to engage residents more meaningfully, through longer house visits and small-scale activities like breakfast gatherings. They have started innovative sports and arts activities like live music at the hawker centre, creating art together, regular workouts for seniors and an Inter-Generational Sports Day.

Kebun Baru’s activities will get even more exciting in their new CC.


Nee Soon East

Nee Soon East MP Louis Ng believes in listening with the heart. He has revamped constituency activities to be more interactive, and holds wide-ranging dialogues with residents.  

He is also known for experiencing different jobs, so that he can speak up for different communities. To date, he has been a cleaner, coffeeshop assistant, healthcare worker, private hire car driver and many more.

The community has started many programmes to help vulnerable sections of society, for example seniors living alone and children from lower-income families. Louis Ng wants to break the stigma children from lower-income families and rental flats face, and give them the confidence that they can do anything in life.

MP Louis Ng experiencing a cleaner's job.